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Marci’s Kitchen

Vegetarian recipes from Dr. Bowers’ kitchen   Mexican Lasagna 5 inch deep x 7.5 inch casserole dish 1 cup each Sharp Cheddar and Monterrey Jack Cheese 1 jars salsa (green or red) 1 can refried beans Black olives, one can be chopped Corn tortillas 1 yellow onion 1 ear corn (or canned corn), roasted in […]

Pap Test Q&A

Frequently asked questions (and answers!) regarding the Pap smear. What is a pap test? A pap test involves collecting cells from the cervix using a small brush. The cells are examined to look for abnormalities that are possible precursors of  cervical cancer. Using the same specimen, it is also possible to screen for the HPV virus, […]