Marci’s Bookshelf

Not a comprehensive list — rather, these are  books that Dr. Bowers has read or recommends without reservation. More to follow soon. Stay tuned!

Julie Peters: Luna

A National Book Award Finalist chronicaling the gender transition of a young high school MTF as told by his younger adolescent sister. Nicely told with humor, wit and compassion with lots of surprises and a nice final messsage. A great book to give to adolescent kids with familial gender issues.

Frederick Taylor: Dresden

A detailed chronology of the events leading up to the Firestorm that engulfed Dresden near the end of WWII. Skillfully details the horrors of wars as unintended consequences of intolerance.

Deborah Rudicile: The Riddle of Gender

A wonderful and easily read historical and scientific recollection of gender expression over the past hundred years. Particularly good is its look at the politics of sex change and its description of diversity in Pre-war Berlin and The Nazi response to gender and sexual diversity.

Joan Roughgarden: Evolution’s Rainbow

Scientific and longitudinal look at gender diversity with a larger field of vision than Deborah Rudicile’s book, challenging traditional teachings in science, religion and ‘morality’. A bit denser to read than The Riddle of Gender.

Linda Rosenweig: New Vegetarian Cuisine
Kitty Morse: 365 Ways to Cook Vegetarian
Madhur Jaffrey: Madhur Jaffrey’s World Vegetarian
Deborah Madison: Vegetarian Cooking For Everyone
Eric Schlosser: Fast Food Nation
John Robbins: Diet For a New America
John Robbins: Reclaiming Our Health
Books by Dean Ornish
Books by Deborah Madison