One Thousand Voices

!!!A Call for Participants in FGM Awareness Project!!!
posted on behalf of Katya and her mother Owanto. Katya is a multi-media journalist based in New York and Owanto, is a French-Gabonese contemporary artist.
Learn more here: One Thousand Voices
One Thousand Voices is an immersive art installation, which addresses the issue of FGM/C. The aim is to record the voices and living testimonies of 1000 victims from the 30 countries and their diasporas, as a way to give voice to the millions of silenced women and girls around the world who have endured FGM/C.
We are looking for individuals who are willing to share their stories and the circumstances of their experiences. We propose that individuals record their stories on a smartphone and send them to us via WhatsApp at +1 917-891-3575 or via email at
Please note that the guidelines can be adapted to the comfort of each individual.
Audio length: 1-5 minutes
Country of origin
Story & testimony [guiding questions]
What happened?
When did it happen? How did it happen?
How did you feel? How do you feel now? What were the consequences?
Message of empowerment and/or message to end FGM