Senator Harry Reid Announces First Ever US Summit to End FGM

Dr. Bowers accepts invitation to participate as an invited speaker to the  ”The End Violence Against Girls: Summit on FGM”. Dr. Bowers has been an advocate for ending FGM globally while working with Dr. Pierre Foldes and Clitoraid since 2007. Dr. Bowers is one of a several surgeons in the world who perform a functional reversal of FGM. The procedure, still controversial simply by its subject matter, is highly effective in women who have lived altered lives  due to the damages of FGM. Attributed both to nihilism, misogyny, and lack of knowledge about female anatomy and sexual physiology, this skepticism about the restorative surgery has served only to limit the number of women choose to free themselves from the damages of FGM. Despite well-proven numbers and personal anecdotes about return of pleasurable sensation, some trivialize the  operation. Dr. Bowers explains the restorative procedure by stating ‘we ALWAYS find the clitoris’. FGM harms women by partially removing its sensory endings and burying the clitoris in skin and scar tissue. However, the vast majority of the clitoris remains after FGM. For surgeons like Dr. Bowers, the operation is simply a matter of uncovering the clitoris and moving the clitoris to the surface of the skin. “Like removing the tip of the iceberg” is how Dr. Bowers describes FGM and why restoring sensation is not a matter of controversy but will to do the right thing. “However”, as Bowers explains, “restorative surgery is not the answer to FGM. The answer is to honor tradition but reject the act of FGM on our young girls”. FGM is meant to repress sexuality but is, ironically, performed by designated women designated as ‘cutters’ , who themselves have often been cut. Information and education that reaches the small towns and villages of Africa and regions where FGM is common is the key to ending the practice, Bowers believes.