Visit to Burkina Faso

Marci, Yael and Lamane

Dr. Bowers  returned recently from Burkina Faso after completing a mission to help restore clitoral function in African  FGM victims. Patients came from as far as Kenya, Senegal, and Sierra Leone to have the surgical procedure completed. Clitoraid, the sponsoring NGO (Non-Government Organization) was to have opened its Hospital Kamkaso in Burkina Faso on March 2, with Dr. Bowers completing its first surgery. Despite the denial of the Pleasure Hospital’s opening, Dr. Bowers and her surgical team were able to compete 29 surgeries in 4 days at an alternate location. She and her colleagues were also able to teach a local Gyn doctor the delicate procedure of clitoral restoration. The journey was arduous, conditions challenging, but the work remarkable.

Below is a video about the mission. You can read the article over on

The unopened ‘Pleasure Hospital’ of Bobo

By Sue Lloyd-Roberts · BBC Newsnight