Dr. Bowers began working with the FTM community in the mid-1990’s, prior to her transition. At the time, she was a well-regarded Ob/Gyn surgeon working at the Polyclinic in Seattle. Following her transition, her draw with the guys was a natural. Many sought her for hysterectomies and for Gyn care that was Trans sensitive. Another little known insight is the fact that Dr. Bowers and her-then Boyfriend, moved together to Trinidad, Colorado in 2003 with Marci’s son, Thomas. Although little known to the masses, her BF was, in fact,  a trans man. So… Marci has a soft spot in her heart for the guys who have always been so good to her.

When Dr. Bowers began performing SRS/GRS, Dr. Bowers arrived in Trinidad too late, unfortunately, to learn Phalloplasty from the great Dr. Biber. Dr. BIber had among the largest series and many of the best examples of phalloplasty. That said, donor site scars were not ideal. Dr. Bowers sought techniques that would utilize the locally grown, organic aspects of penile growth on testosterone and looked towards Metoidioplasty. No one was willing or able to teach these techniques to Dr. Bowers at the time so she invented them. Based upon knowledge gleaned from her 17 years as a gyn doc, she fashioned a penis from the enlarged clitoris, freeing it from the labial attachments and creating a decent looking penis. Many refinements later, the Simple Metoidioplasty was born.

For the Ring Metoidioplasty (with urethral extension), Dr. Bowers first met Dr. Ako Takamatsu while speaking at WPATH in Chicago in 2007. Dr. Takamatsu, a Japanese Plastic Surgeon, had developed a Meta technique that included a urinary hookup by mobilizing flaps from the inner labia and the anterior vagina, to create a functional urethra within the meta, allowing men the chance to stand while urinating. Most current Phalloplasty techniques no longer include a urinary hookup, seemingly an antithetical concept to those seeking a penis. So the concept of a functional, personally sensate phallus grown locally, was appealing to Dr. Bowers. Dr. Takamatsu graciously flew to Trinidad, Colorado in the July 2008. On that visit, Dr. Bowers then performed the first US Ring Meta. Dr. Christine McGinn was able to assist in the surgery and the rest, so to speak, is history. Dr. Bowers  updated and expanded our FTM surgical offerings following a 12-day fellowship to Belgrade, Serbia and the Belgrade Gender team in August 2014.