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Gender Odyssey August 24-27th, 2017 (Lectures TBA) Philadelphia Trans Health Conference – Philadelphia, PA September 7-9th, 2017 (Lectures TBA) Esprit Conference – Port Angeles, Washington May 14-21, 2017 (Lectures TBA) American Society of Andrology Lecture – Miami, FL April 22-25th, 2017 (Diversity Lecture) Keystone Conference – Harrisburg, PA March 24th, 2017 (MTF and FTM lectures) […]

Fourth Malibu Men’s Retreat (Dr. Bowers not presenting, but looks like a great event!)

Fourth Malibu Men’s Retreat July 10-12th 2015   Interested in attending the fourth Malibu Men’s Retreat for male identified, female birth assigned individuals who want to deeply explore topics surrounding the sexual body? Retreat will be in a confidential remote location with 50 mile panoramic ocean and mountain views (weather permitting). Time is Friday 5 […]