Surgeons training in Tel Aviv, Israel

Dr. Bowers in Tel Aviv

In October 2013, after years of planning and discussion, Dr. Bowers was invited to Tel Aviv Israel in order to revive the Transgender Surgery Program in Israel. Upon arrival in Tel Aviv, Dr. Bowers carefully interviewed potential candidates for MTF vaginoplasty. Working in conjunction with Department Chairperson, Dr. Eyal Winkler and the Plastic Surgery Department at Sheba Hospital in Tel Hashomer, 4 patients were selected. Successful surgeries were accomplished over the next several days culminating with  training of the incoming Isreali  Transgender surgical heir apparent. The trip was exhausting and rigorous but wonderfully conceived by our gracious hosts.

Dr. Bowers were rewarded by an unforgettable week including a modern dance performance at the Suzanne Dellal Center, shopping in Old Jaffa, touring the Holy City of Jerusalem, visiting the original Jewish homeland of Masada, and bathing in the Dead Sea. Dr. Bowers also conducted a lecture and Q & A at the local LGBT Centre and the doctors were  guests at the home of Dr. Winkler which included the Israeli Minister of Health. The food was nothing less than spectacular.

Doctor Bowers remains as an advisor to the Israeli Plastic Surgery team as they re-establish their Transgender surgery program.  Dr. Bowers returns for a second round of surgeries in May 2014. The teaching and upgrade of surgical transgender technique worldwide remains an active and crucial portion of Dr. Bowers’ personal mission. It is hoped that these fellowships in education and goodwill will lead ultimately to improved surgical care for Transgender persons locally and for the free flow of information and technological advances among surgeons globally.

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