Simple Metoidioplasty

The Simple Metoidioplasty (SM) is a release of the testosterone-enlarged clitoris/phallus from the labia minora.

The released hood is sewn along the midline undersurface to fashion a convincing male penis. The penis is bulked by use of the labial subcutaneous tissue and levator musculature. A final length of 3 – 8 cm in length for the SM can be expected although without the ability to urinate through the phallus.

The procedure is reasonably complication free and remarkably inexpensive. It is performed as an outpatient procedure and can be combined with scrotoplasty in the same surgery. When completed, the neophallus is unquestionably a male penis. The labia majora/scrotal tissue is partially closed although not so much that the urine outflow is obstructed. Undergoing SM allows completion of required surgical documentation. It can be adequate for penetration. Vaginectomy can be performed concurrently with the SM but is limited in closure of the perineum due to the urethral opening which must remain in its original location. Patients report extremely high rates of satisfaction with the SM. Most clients report results that exceed expectations. Dr. Bowers developed the SM technique entirely. Because of the tendency for the neophallus to remain hidden in mons fat, this is not a recommended procedure for big guys. Specific weight restrictions are not offered but you guys know who you are. If there is a lot of mons fat, you may not be a good meta guy. For any question as to suitability for meta, we highly recommend that you see Dr. Bowers for consultation prior to scheduling. Alternatively a Mons reduction can also be performed  concurrently or at a subsequent surgical visit. Patients should be on testosterone at least 2 years prior to proceeding with SM.

Lastly,  Scrotoplasty  with testicle implants can also be performed at the time of SM.

Limitations of the procedure:

  • Size of the penis, for some, may not be adequate
  • Inability to urinate through the phallus
  • Clefted scrotum
  • Not ideal for gentlemen with significant mons fat

Cost is less than $6k. Discuss with Robin.