Vaginectomy is a surgical procedure which can accompany ring or simple metoidioplasty. It can be performed as an outpatient if combined with testicle implants/scrotoplasty or alone. The procedure requires general anesthesia. It is performed not as a true excision of the lining but as an obliteration of the mucosal lining and suturing of the walls together to essentially eliminate the vagina. Electrical energy is passed via a cautery tip as Dr. Bowers sequentially destroys the vaginal mucosa, thus eliminating discharge and the presence of a structure that some trans men find objectionable and a source of considerable dysphoria. The procedure is low in complications but those could include (but have not to date been witnessed) re-collection of vaginal secretions (mucocoele) or pain. Generally, the procedure is very well tolerated by guys. A JP drain is left in the deeper portions for several nights after surgery and then removed.