Post-Op Care

You will be given detailed discharge instructions after your surgery, depending on the type of surgery you are having.  You will also be provided with 24/7 after hour contact numbers (Robin and Dr. Bowers).

You will be required to have someone with you for the first 24 hours or so following surgery. This is primarily precautionary in the event of an unlikely true emergency (bleeding, for example). The person can be a family member and does not require medical expertise. That said, if you are here for surgery alone, we will need to assign a nurse or medical personnel of some sort to be with you for a short time after anesthesia. Please let us know if you will be coming for surgery unaccompanied.

Please keep in close contact with us!  Not all surgeries require a follow up visit, but if you wish to see Dr. Bowers after surgery, you may do so by scheduling an appointment. Often Dr. Bowers prefers this and will set it tentatively at the time of surgery. The time is likely to be written on your discharge paperwork. If your surgery is on a Thursday or Friday (as is typical), followup will most likely be the following Monday. If there is any doubt, please contact the Office at 650-570-2270. It is also advisable to be seen in follow up back home with your local physician, usually within one month of surgery.

Complications and problems following FTM bottom surgery are not unusual. It is cost prohibitive to remain in the Bay Area during an entire convalescence although we do try to keep you here until you are drain/tube/catheter free. Because there are so few surgeons who perform this type of work, we do rely on local doctors to help us in continuing your post-surgical care. This is clearly not ideal but is unavoidable until surgery becomes more standardized and widely available. In this regard, it is highly recommended that you make arrangements with your primary physician—before your surgery visit— for followup upon your return. You may also wish to speak to your PCP about to having a Trans friendly urologist available/aware should any trouble arise.