I had a ring meta/vaginectomy/hysto with Dr. B March 25th 2016. She’s excellent at what she does and is an amazing person! I had a few complications but they resolved themselves, and I couldn’t be happier with my results! She really cares about her patients- she is a very busy woman and does her best to make sure to get back to you with any questions. It’s a very complicated surgery guys, and I definitely expected it to be difficult, but I would still go to Dr B if I had to do this all over again! I really like the flange she uses for the catheter too, definitely a major plus! Also listen to her instructions about walking, eating, being patient etc. And I cannot express enough how grateful I am to Dr B and Robin! My insurance covered everything besides my deductible and Robin is seriously amazing with response time and giving you a helping hand, she knows her stuff and She keeps the whole thing going! Ive been in contact with Robin for years before surgery and she is always understanding and just an amazing person! staff at the California clinic was also wonderful, shout out to Angelita, she’s awesome! The hospital nurses and staff were also major attentive and respectful, they made sure we had everything we needed. The whole experience was life changing and I wouldn’t take back one moment of it!  – FTM Surgery patient, 2016

I had the ring metoidioplasty with Dr. Bowers  in 2013.  Prior to selecting a surgeon, I had done a lot of research and contemplation while I was trying to get the financial component set. I found that there are doctors out there who seem to be great surgeons and, per pictures and testimonials, have had great results; however, I kept coming back to Dr. Bowers. It’s a decision each individual needs to make for themselves and, in my case, Dr. Bowers was the surgeon for me. I had contact with Robin, Dr. Bowers’ practice manager, prior to making my decision and all the way up to when my wife and I arrived in California for the surgery. For those of you who have not had the pleasure of interacting with Robin, she is very open and welcoming and has a way of making you feel comfortable enough to ask any questions you may have. She guides you through the process as you prepare for surgery and for me and my wife this was very comforting.

Being that I don’t live in the San Mateo area, or even in California, the first time I met Dr. Bowers was at the pre-op appointment the day before surgery. Dr. Bowers talked to me about the specifics of the surgery and let me know what to expect the next day. She took her time, answered all of mine and my wife’s questions, and she reaffirmed my decision about going to her for this surgery.

The day of surgery went just as Dr. Bowers had described. The staff at the surgical center was very friendly and they were great in keeping my wife informed. After surgery, Dr. Bowers went over all the discharge instructions with my wife and the nurse that was going back to the hotel with us. Going from the surgical center to the hotel was foggy and I remember very little. Back at the hotel, the nurse checked my vitals and dressings regularly, gave me my medications, and made sure I was comfortable. She was very sweet and seeing that my wife and I were out there alone, and I was only partially conscious, I think her presence helped to keep my wife calm. Two more nurses came over the course of 24 hours and they, too, were sweet and took good care of me. Dr. Bowers and Robin were all available 24/7 not just for the days immediately following surgery, but all throughout the healing process.

Dr. Bowers is an excellent doctor! She is both very knowledgeable and they genuinely care about her patients. I am very happy with the outcome of my surgery and I am looking forward to having my last surgery (testicular implants) with her in a few months.   ~ Ring Metoidioplasty patient, 2013

“I had ring meta with Dr. Bowers and she was GREAT with insurance. She took it 100% upfront.   Janet is AMAZING with insurance. I have dealt with her for my surgery as well as surgery for a few others and she is great about following up and pushing things forward. Even at the Philly trans health conference Dr. Bowers stood up and spoke about the importance of having a staff person on hand who knows insurance in and out and willing to also learn so that patients can get what they need up front. There can sometimes be bumps and there is always that one “exception” where no matter how you work it it just doesn’t get the authrization but they are great” ~ Ring Metoidioplasty patient, anonymous

I had my FTM surgery in November 2013, in San Mateo.  Everything went swimmingly, bar a tiny complication which I had been warned about and which is very common. It will be fixed with my next surgery.  Dr Bowers is lovely and the result of my surgery is very nice. As for her office team, Robin and Janet, they are truly awesome in dealing with insurances and all the little bits and pieces of information, including medical reassurances, and paperwork that are needed in the course of the process. ~ P. G. Ring Metoidioplasty Patient, November 2013