What To Bring

Hospital Stay

If you have a hospital stay, bring a couple of outfits for before and after. We supply the hospital gowns, dressing, etc. Pack a roll or two of hard candy or cough drops as throat dryness is common.

Some personal care items you may want to bring: a bathrobe, razor, slippers, a mirror for your bedside. Consider your favorite after shave lotion, lip balm, and hard candy or throat lozenges as you are likely to be very dry after surgery while on pain medication.

Plan on a bit of boredom: bring things to pass the time as you recover — books, CD’s, tapes, portable DVD player. Laptops are fine. Mills-Peninsula has wi-fi access. Simply click in and go!

To help you get ready for your trip, we’ve put together a checklist for you to make sure you’ve got everything.

Outpatient Surgery

Consider bringing comfortable clothes to relax in while at the hotel. The Surgery Center will supply ice packs, instruction for your catheter (if applicable) and/or gauze pads (if needed).

If you have any questions about what you will need, review the surgery packet that will be sent to you 2 – 3 months prior to surgery, and feel free to call Robin!