What To Expect

Two to three days prior to surgery

Arrival in Burlingame. Please make yourself at home here. There is much to see and do!

Consider a quick trip west on Hwy 92 to the Pacific Coast and Half Moon Bay or Pacifica. Alternatively, you could drop down 101 to the Stanford Mall or slip north into San Fran to board that Cable Car of your dreams. If you wish to avoid the hassle of SF parking and traffic, consider taking BART into the city. There is a Powell Street exit, which drops you just feet from the Cable Car line, just across from spectacular Westfield Shopping Center and 2 blocks from Union Square. The Bay Area is ground zero for food so look around for the many dining options available.

You might also want to think about how you’ll get to Dr. Bowers’ office for your pre-operative visit and to the hospital or surgery center for your surgery. Visit our Travel page for more information.

Once you get into town, you should connect with Dr. Bowers’ office at (650) 570-2270.

On the day of your pre-surgery visit

You will see Dr. Bowers today for a consultation and examination. If your surgery is at the hospital, you may also see someone there for blood work, registration, etc.

On the day prior to your surgery

This may or may not be on the same day as your pre-surgery visit! You can eat normally on the day prior to surgery, but have nothing to eat or drink after midnight prior to surgery. You will be sent to a local pharmacy to pick up your prescriptions so that you don’t have to worry about this after surgery.

Day of Surgery

Before: Depending upon the time of your surgery, expect to arrive at the hospital or surgery center early morning or later morning.  Valuables and cash should be left at your hotel or a trusted someone. Your loved ones including family will usually be there with you and are welcome. You may meet with the anesthesiologist or anesthetist  in the OR holding area.  You will see Dr. Bowers immediately prior to going back to the OR. You may ask questions.

After: You may wake up in the OR recovery area, in your room, or somewhere in transit. After surgery, you might be sore, but patients often report little pain or discomfort. If you do have pain or nausea, let us know — we can help. If you’ve had a ring meta, you may feel the need to urinate but can be assured this has been taken care of for you with a bladder catheter. If there is no catheter, we will assist you to the restroom.

Throughout your recovery, you will want to drink plenty of water.  You should contact our office or the after-hours numbers you will be given if you have any concerns. Diet is unrestricted although keep it light — no time to attack an Indian Buffet.

Stay in the area for as long as indicated in your pre-surgery packet.  This can range from a few days to a couple of weeks. You will be in touch daily with Dr. Bowers or someone in the office while in the area with us.

Homeward Bound!

This will probably be a long travel day, so get plenty of rest the day before. Be sure to stay in touch with us with questions or concerns, and let us know how everything goes for you. Stay in touch with us! We are with you for the long run.

We’ll hopefully be able to send you home with your Notarized Surgical Declaration Letter. One per customer, but additional copies (in case yours gets lost, destroyed, or ensnared in red tape) are available for a fee of $25 each. There is no charge for letters if notarization is unnecessary. If we are unable to get the letter to you while in California, we will get it out soon via USPS.