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Breast augmentation (BA), technically known as augmentation mammoplasty, is a surgical procedure to enhance the size and shape of a woman's breast. Transgendered women often seek Breast Augmentation if they desire a larger bust size than is achieved through hormone therapy.

We use saline implants, using a circumareolar or inframammary (below the breast) incision but most commonly place them in front of the muscle for MTF patients. MTF's typically have excellent skin support but are relatively lacking in actual breast tissue, making BA an excellent solution. For natal women with lax skin (or ptosis), a submuscular position is preferred. This is also done for MTF patients with minimal or no breast growth despite HRT. Saline implants may require replacement after 10 years.

We also offer silicone (MemoryGel Implants). The look and feel of silicone is better but in most cases requires an inframammary incision of approximately 5cm.

Our standard implants are Mentor round, moderate profile, smooth texture. For an additional cost, we can upgrade to Mentor contoured, teardrop shaped implant with Siltex covering. Dr. Bowers prefers the Mentor round style. You can view information about Mentor implants here

Pre-op and Post-op

  • Cease taking aspirin / aspirin-like products one week prior to procedure.
  • Arrive in Trinidad the day before your procedure
  • Plan to stay in Trinidad for two (2) nights past your procedure, and depart no sooner than the third day.
  • Consider purchasing a support bra. You will get one at the hospital, but it will get soiled. Some of our patients have recommended the Yesmina Front Zippered Medical Bra. You can find it on the website www.makemeheal.com

More Information
Please visit the American Society of Plastic Surgeons or Breast Augmentation & Breast Implants Information Website for additional information and links related to Breast Augmentation. Additional information you should consider can be found at What You Need to Know About Breast Implants from the National Research Center for Women & Families

About Silicon Injections. You might be tempted to inject silicon in order to add curves to your breasts, hips, derriere, etc. Please don't. It's dangerous, and can lead to serious health risks, up to and including death. For more information, check out Got Pummped - a Silicon Awareness website.

Per the WPATH Standards of Care:

    "One letter from a mental health professional... is sufficient for a referral for breast surgery (augmentation mammoplasty)".

As such, one letter of recommendation is required. Generally Dr. Bowers also requires that you have been on hormones and living full time as a female for at least a year prior to surgery. Please be prepared to discuss your hormone history and expectations with Dr. Bowers to be sure that you will be happy with your outcome, both right after your surgery and as your body matures.

Want to schedule surgery? Please use this Application Form in PDF Format or RTF Format when sending in a deposit for your procedure.

Have a date set? Please submit your Medical History using this form, in PDF Format or RTF Format at least one month prior to your surgery.

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