Labiaplasty is performed primarily as a cosmetic revision of a prior vaginoplasty surgery in MTF clients. It is commonly performed as well by Dr. Bowers on natal females who are not satisfied with their God-given appearance either due to excess labial tissue or asymmetry.

Dr. Bowers performs most labiaplasties for patients who have visited other physicians for their primary GRS and are either dissatisfied with their appearance or seek the creative interpretation that Dr. Bowers applies to labiaplasty. These surgeries require a good amount of artistry and visual interpretation which is aided by Dr. Bowers’ experience as a gynecologist and surgeon for more than 25 years. She has performed labiaplasties on virtually every surgeon’s former patients and, as such, is familiar with the unique variances of each.

Occasionally Dr. Bowers will offer labiaplasty for her own patients following GRS. This can correct a number of minor problems including pain, swelling beneath the skin, unusual scarring, clitoral exposure or lack of exposure. Fortunately, problems of any kind are rare following one-stage GRS with Dr. Bowers, Labiaplasty to date has been necessary on fewer than 75 patients ever despite more than 1600 primary GRS surgeries. As a result, this fee is also discounted for Dr. Bowers’ clientele requiring a 2nd stage.

The labiaplasty procedure is performed exclusively as an outpatient with a minimal recovery. Normally, seven days is suggested following labiaplasty prior to resuming full activity. Ice, mild pain killers, antibiotics and rest are normally recommended as primary therapy following surgery. A visit to the Bay Area of approximately 4 – 6 days is recommended.

Scheduling is possible by calling Robin. Can be combined with other procedures such as Tracheal Shave or Breast Augmentation (with Dr. Beck).


“Dr. Bowers is one of the best doctors I have seen. Her rare medical specialties are truly a gift to our diverse community. She is everything you’d want in a doctor: highly skilled, compassionate, and positive, with a lifetime of medical experience. She helped change my life for the better in a very personal way through her medical practice. Dr. Bowers is at the top of her field for all the right reasons. I highly recommend Dr. Bowers – a surgeon I am grateful exists.” -C.W. (Jan 2014)

I wanted to let you know that my recent procedure that you performed was successful.  I am so excited and feel complete just as a genetic female. I will forever be grateful and love you with all my heart. I am so happy I chose you as my surgeon for my previous two revisions. I walk with confidence and pride with a smile on my face now. Love you forever. -K.H. (April 2014)