Victory! Medicare removes exclusions to Transgender Surgery

Coverage by Medicare culminates a long human rights struggle by so very many persons in the Transgender movement. Dr. Bowers and staff are proud to have been among the first advocating for surgical coverage. We have also strived for more than a decade in informing the public as to the legitimacy and validity of a transgender identity with show such as “Sex Change Hospital”, “Transgender MD”, and many media appearances explaining the terms ‘transgender’ and ‘transsexual’ and why medical and surgical treatment of such persons hold merit.

The implementation of surgical coverage will be complex and deliberate. Contracts with Medicare administrators will need negotiation and roll out. Be patient. The greatest concern is that lesser qualified and, in some cases, dangerous providers who throw their hats into the ring claiming competence, will potentially do harm. We need to press hospital systems and University based surgical programs to endorse Transgender surgery by implementation of Fellowships in Transgender surgical care, a long term goal of Dr. Bowers.

Our office will work actively with Medicare to offer care. For now, we can only be patient. We have already pressed Medicare by billing directly to them for a single case performed in August 2014. Altho Medicare has ‘removed its exclusions’, there is no mention of inclusion for such services and providers and patients are left not knowing what is covered and how much. This will take much patience on all of our parts. Please continue to follow our progress here and on our Facebook page: