Some of Dr. Bowers’ patients have set up a peer-supported and peer-moderated Yahoo Group to chat, trade notes, ask advice, etc. Dr. Bowers does  not visit the site to allow patients full autonomy in expressing their feelings.

To Dr. Bowers, Robin, Erika, and everyone at the office, Yesterday marked six weeks since having GRS as your patient. I wanted to take a few moments to attempt to express my gratitude, while noting at the beginning I can not truly convey the depth of my appreciation.

As soon as I reached out to your office to investigate becoming a patient, the response, while quite professional, was warm and friendly. My first impressions were of a busy clinic that still cared deeply about potential patients. That impression carried throughout every email, phone call, and in-person visit that occurred both before and after surgery. As well, the fact that you do work with insurance plans to preauthorize procedures (as opposed to requiring cash up front and working to help the patient get reimbursed) made it so that I was able to finally access this surgery. I have lived a privileged and incredibly lucky life, but I count being able to access your clinic among the greatest blessings I have yet received.

I do feel the choice of hospital you use reflects on the clinic, and I strongly feel you have chosen one of the best. From entry to exit, from I.V.’s to meal service, nurses to guests, everything about Peninsula Medical Center was patient-centric, kind, and caring. Kudos for choosing such a wonderful hospital.

In-person visits to the clinic office were a delight as well. Everyone I met and interacted with were gracious and compassionate and friendly, and further cemented my belief that I had placed myself in the absolute best of hands. Had I been hesitant or undecided before coming to the clinic, meeting all of you wonderful people would have cleared any objections or fears within moments. Thank you all for being such amazing humans.

Finally, Dr. Bowers: It has been the greatest privilege to meet you, and to be your patient. As busy as you are, you took time to really sit down and listen during our pre-surgery consult, easily connected with me and frankly addressed and answered all questions that I had. Your visits with me in the pre-surgery room, and then in the hospital room, were highly appreciated, and my impression every time was that I was seen and the singular focus of your attention. That really meant a lot. As well, the results esthetically and functionally are beyond expectations (orgasmic within five weeks!). Funny sidebar: when the original dressings were removed after surgery, the nurse took a deep breath and said almost reverently, “Oooohhh, she’s getting good! There isn’t even any swelling!” Then she offered to take pictures of the site.

So, before this email gets to mushy or consumes too much of your time (I know, I know, too late!), I wish to say, simply, Thank You. Thank you all. -J.G. (May 2017)

I just saw my primary care provider earlier this month for a check up at 4 months post op, and she told me my vagina looks every bit as normal as other females, this was very nice to hear from her of course. The healing and appearance of my surgical results at this time are very pleasing to me, thank you so much Dr Bowers ! The incision marks are fading nicely, the nerve “remapping” is well underway, I have very little surface area now that feels “numb”, and that continues to shrink. I have faithfully performed my dilation routines, and will complete the expected ~800 times in the first year per Marci’s instructions. Dilation is quite enjoyable to me, and yes I have truly enjoyed learning how good it feels to orgasm as female, OMG ! I have no issues with peeing as a girl !, no infections, no problems, it all works very well, thank you very much ! No problems with discharge, or odor. It all seems very “normal”.  I have taken a very methodical and incremental approach to correcting my gender issues, and my surgery with Dr Bowers was a major step in increasing my overall wellness. The mental benefits I have received are priceless to me, having your body match your mind is truly an amazing feeling, hard to put these feelings into words, I have cried happy tears just thinking about it. I do exercise a lot and take pride in my conditioning at this stage of life. I have recently bought some cute leggings for exercise and my lower body just rocks em’ ! No more tucking ! No more rubbing, I feel confident in my body wearing close fitting items ! -C.F (July 2016)

Hello Robin wanted to let you know I’m doing well. Like to say thank you to the entire staff of Dr Bowers everyone was wonderful. The entire staff at the hospital were also wonderful like to say thank you to them also. My Dr said that Dr Bowers surgery technique is some of the most anatomical correct she has seen. I had a minor complication just followed Dr Bowers advice and everything has healed just fine I’m very happy with the results. Dreams do come true thank you Dr Bowers. Surgery date -T.A. (June 2016)

It’s been a while since we’ve spoken, but I wanted to give you and Dr. Bowers both an update on how I’m doing after my GRS. I’m almost 5 months postop now, and overall I am ecstatically happy with how things are healing.
I still experience a small amount of swelling and discomfort along my suture lines, which starts out almost imperceptible in the morning and gradually grows over the course of the day. The overall level of discomfort even at its worst is low, however, and I do feel like this is getting better over time. Apart from that, I have virtually no pain or discomfort, and I feel like everything is healing fantastically well. The suture separation I experienced early in my healing has fully healed with no aftereffects that I can tell.
Cosmetically, things look great, and I am happy to report that I have successfully achieved my first orgasms post-op (and holy COW, I did not know my body could experience pleasure like that!) In all, things are going far better than I imagined – and I came into the surgery with high expectations. 😉 T.C. (2016)

To Doctor Marci Bowers, Robin, Janet, Angelita, & Karen
I have waited a long time for this Surgery and it has been a rough road for me. I had my surgery on October 20th 2015 and have been so happy with everything about it. I have to say that Doctor Marci Bowers and her entire staff have been wonderful, I could have never asked for anything better! I have never experienced such caring and love of her patience’s as she and all her staff have done for me and everyone that they have touched in their lives. It does not stop when you leave after surgery. It is only the beginning of a dedicated Doctor and staff that checks up on you and want to make sure that everything is ok and you are happy. And the Mills Peninsula Medical Center and all the staff there have been wonderful too. Happily submitted  – L.B. (2015)

I wanted to write this morning because today is my seventh birthday/anniversary of that wonderful day in my life. That day your dedication and skillfulness as a surgeon gave me a peace that had been missing in my life. I did not start a new life that day I continued my  journey that is my life. What you did though was give me peace within this body of mine and as such I’m at peace in the world around me. That I’ll forever thank you for.

I’d also like to say that you’re more than a surgeon. Most repair our wounded bodies and we are then on our way. It’s a doctor patient relationship. With you I felt there was more than that, is was a feeling of real care for me as something other than another patient. That feeling I still feel today. That in my eyes makes you more than a doctor, but a loving caring person that goes beyond medicine. Another is you’ve used your medical expertise to help heal others and give them quality of life.  I can never thank you enough for what you’ve given me. – M.M (2008)

I’ve been meaning to check in with Marci for some time, but life always seems to offer plentiful distractions, and suddenly here I am, 4 months post op!
Everything is going GREAT so far. I’m down to 2-a-day dilations and they’re pretty much old-hat at this point. Once a week or so, I’ll feel some pinchy-stretchy-feelings but then I’ll just go back up to 3-times-per-day for a day or so and it clears up.
Sexual function is working wonderfully. It’s taken some exploration and creativity, but orgasms happen just as powerfully as before surgery, and feel SO much better not having to negotiate the wrong anatomy any more. Now I just need a girlfriend… Hmm…  I’ve been back on my bike as well. I took it very easy at first, but never had any discomfort at all. I’m not an aggressive athlete, or anything like that, but I am VERY happy to have my primary sport back. Finally, I LOVE how I look and feel. I don’t think about it, most days, but when I remember to, I’m shocked at how NORMAL I feel. After so many years of feeling anything except normal, it’s quite an amazing feeling to have. Congruence.
Thanks so much, all of you, for everything you do for me and everyone else. It’s quite life-changing. – H.B. (February 2015)

I just wanted to take this opportunity to thank you (Robin) and Dr. Bowers for everything. You’ve been above and beyond helpful through this, and Dr. Bowers, frankly, has saved my child’s life. I don’t think she would have chosen to live if she didn’t have transition as an option, and Dr. Bowers made that possible. So thank you both. She’s doing amazingly well, and has far more happy days than down days. For 23 years, I hardly ever saw her smile. Now, a different story! Thank you again.  -Mother of patient (February 2015)

I’m now almost six weeks post op, and everything seems to be going really well.  I did graduate to the large dilator.  And, actually, it surprised me that going from medium to large was actually easier than from small to medium.  Not easy, but easier.  I also had my four week post-op appointment with my primary care physician and she was effusive in saying everything looked real, real good. – D.B. (December 2014)

It is with great excitement to send you this letter about my experience. First, I can’t even explain how much freedom I now have because I can say my spirit, mind and body are now finally aligned right. Before coming to your office for GRS, I was depressed, frustrated and afraid people would not accept me for the woman I know I am.  Throughout the entire process, your staff was very helpful in working with my insurance carrier and me to make sure we were able to get the surgery done. When I arrived in Burlingame, your staff wanted to make sure I was comfortable and ready for surgery. I personally thank you Dr. Bowers for coming in on several occasions during my surgical stay in the hospital to check on me. I found your entire staff to be very personable and non-judgmental. I was honored by having the opportunity to have my surgery done by your office.  Post surgery has gone very well and I am extremely pleased with the end result. I would definitely recommend anyone wanting to have GRS done to your office. I can’t express how joyful I am in the quality of care I’ve received by Dr. Bowers office. – D. R. (November 2014)

On the one hand it was a very rational and real experience. I wanted to take it all in, to remember everything-to be aware of every face and all that was happening to me.
On the other side it was a wild, surreal experience. One day I have a penis and the next this beautiful, remarkable vagina that I had dreamed about for so long! Walking along San Francisco Bay I thought of how remarkable and mysterious existence is. My essence, my self now realized in a Woman’s body. How miraculous! In search of the miraculous? I found it.  Dilation is not a problem for me. In fact Thanks to Spotify (First Aid Kit) and the occasional marijuana cookie (legal here) I have already experienced orgasm. All I can say is a warm, gentle feeling spread from my genital area over my body. Oh such a delicious feeling.  I Thank Dr. Bowers and Her incredible staff for taking me to an entirely different and somewhat magical plane. A new existence and a lovely one indeed. – G.J. (November 2014)

Well, I am very pleased to announced – and thought you might like to know – that as of a week ago I am no longer pre-orgasmic! Yay!  I had my first girlgasm early last week. It was a small one but unquestionably and orgasm and it felt incredible! Since then have had 3 and each one has grown in intensity. I am so happy and relieved to know that everything is fully functional! My Gyn says that everything inside looks healed and healthy and my flora and fauna have definitely set up shop! Thank you so much for helping me move towards wholeness, Marci!  I am confident and happy, and the results are more than satisfying. – M.M. (September 2014)
Dear Dr Marci, I just would like to thank the two of you for assisting me to change my life. I feel very blessed to have the best hands to help me to become who I really feel. Thank you for everything. —D.M. (June 2014)


My experience was great, very impressed. Everyone was very nice and kind, hospital was great. I had a really positive experience. I received get well cards from hospital staff when I got home.—S.F. (May 2014)

Experience was wonderful, “I miss the hospital it was wonderful, my experience was great. Completely life changing”. —S.A.. (April 2014)

Overall, I’m very happy with everything. Everyone was kind and respectful. The office was a nice, well decorated place, and the hospital was practically a resort!  —V.D. (April 2014)

“The experience I had was amazing and awesome. It has been one of the funnest things I’ve done and I’m so glad that I chose Dr. Bowers. She is an exceptional surgeon and her skill and talent shows in the developing final outcome. Mills Peninsula Hospital is very supportive and conducive for healing and recovering postop. The staff are so so so nice! As for her clinic, the location and clinic building are very welcoming. Michelle Rodriguez, the clinic manager, is very supportive and friendly. She helped me quite a bit pre and post-surgery. Robin and Janet in the administrative office are also very helpful, friendly, and supportive. They all make you feel cared for-especially as the surgery date approaches.   The final outcome of the surgery is still kinda hard to judge this early in the healing process.   I am more than pleased with the appearance. My genitals actually feel like they belong to me-I never felt that way before.”  — J.S. (March 2014)

I Came, I Saw, I Got a Vagina  I was incredibly nervous going into surgery. Although I trusted Dr. Bowers to do a good job, I have a (healthy?) fear of surgery and anesthesia. Dr. Bowers came to check up on me before surgery. So did the anesthesiologist, Dr. Miller, who was very nice.   For the record, Mills Peninsula Hospital is really nice. It’s much better than any of the other hospitals I have ever seen when visiting friends and relatives. The nurses were great; Maricor, Joann, Chi, and Eunice were fantastic and took really good care of me. Food service was great too; it arrived when it was supposed to, and there were lots of different choices. Dr. Bowers was simply amazing. I have absolutely zero regrets that I chose Dr. Bowers  to do my surgery.  -G.S. (March 2014)

“My experience of MtF surgery with Dr. Bowers has been nothing short of spectacular. Meeting her twice before the surgery, Dr. Bowers was personable, answered all my questions thoroughly, and inspired in me great confidence in her abilities. The office staff (Robin and Janet) were extremely helpful, especially with the insurance arrangements. Mills-Peninsula Hospital, opened in 2011, is an outstanding facility: from pre-registration to discharge the staff was friendly, patient-oriented, and extremely competent.  My first visit to a gynecologist brought a rave review for the construction and function. Truly a work of art was how she put it — which echoes Dr. Bowers’ assertion that every surgery she does is the most important one she’s ever done.” — B.S. (Feb 2014)

Well: here I am on the Other Side of surgery, and very happy to be here, too — and pleased with the results. I did want to thank both you and Janet for all your efforts on my behalf, before the operation, with my questions and the insurance, etc. It never would have happened without you, and I’m very grateful.  The surgery went well, according to Dr. Bowers  (I’ve never done this before so I’ll take their word for it), and Mills-Peninsula is a wonderful hospital, with a wonderful staff. The nurses even sent me a couple of get well cards afterwards, and I sent them flowers.  -B.S. (Feb 2014)

First and most importantly, thank you both for such great care, fantastic work, and exceptional after-care for my surgery! After years of dreaming, planning, learning and understanding about doing this procedure, I am very proud to say that I feel I have had the best available on the planet – or anywhere in the universe! I may not have been awake during the procedure, but I was very pleased to hear that it went like “text book”. I would highly recommend the pair of you to anyone considering this procedure. When I pray to the Goddess, I pray that she guide your hands and protect you both from all harm. — R.W. (Dec 2013)

Dr. Bowers is very caring for her patients. I am very happy with the results. No regrets, you changed my life.” — A.P. (Dec 2013)

I will state and without reservation that I made the best decision in having chosen Dr. Bowers to take care of me with my GRS. They are in a word; Amazing. I couldn’t be happier if I tried.  Having waited and yes, struggled for decades with my transsexualism, my surgery in and of itself was (and I am only speaking for myself) in a phrase; business as usual.  As I write this today, it has been a little over two months since my surgery and for me it feels as if it has always been, that nothing happened and yet a miracle occurred at the same time. I am not delusional. I am fully aware of what has transpired and yes, even though the passerby wouldn’t know what I have “under my skirt”, it has changed my life for me and profoundly so.  And I want to tell you too, that Dr. Marci Bowers,  Michelle (in San Mateo) and Janet and Robin (in the Trinidad office), as well. These people, these women, these healthcare givers are the kindest, most caring I have ever had the pleasure of meeting and working with and I will forever be in their debt.  I wish you all nothing but the very best in your transition and ultimately your GRS.” – M.B. (Nov. 2013)

“I am only eight weeks post op at this writing but feel the need to write this. For those who are researching to make their decision as to which doctor to choose I say look no further. I have an extensive surgical history unfortunately as the patient and I can truly say this surgical experience from the beginning to present is by far the best I have ever had.
Words cannot fully express the skill, friendliness and help that Robin, Janet and Michele at Dr. Bowers’ offices have provided me. The staff at the hospital from admissions to the nurses is absolutely fantastic. Be prepared to be treated like royalty.  I encountered some minor complications from my surgery due to issues with my body , this is in no way a result or reflection of Dr. Bowers work; in fact to the contrary I firmly and truly believe that if it were not for the great skills and expertise that Dr. Bowers possesses the complications would have been worse. Dr. Bowers and her staff have been a big help with my local doctors to resolve these issues. At this time I am back to a normal healing process thanks to Dr. Bowers’ attention. The care, concern and personal interest that Dr. Bowers and Robin have demonstrated with me during this time is exemplary not just for the physical but for the mental and emotional as well.   I highly recommend Dr. Bowers to anyone considering GRS.  – E.L. (Sept 2013)

“I am so happy, to be the real me after 47 years of being Imprisioned in the wrong body. The surgery went off with no problems, very little pain. Marci Is a Goddess and will always be a Goddess In my book. She did save my life. The staff in Trinidad was Extremely helpful. Any questions and they had the answers. They went above and beyond the call. Marci’s Angels is how I would describe Robin and Janet and the staff. The staff at Mills Health Center was outstanding. From the time I checked in til being discharged I was happy, I hated to leave the Hospital because the staff became like a family to me. Follow the Instruction by Marci and the Hospital staff & your recovery should be a smooth one. I know mine was :o).” — A. S. (Sept 2012)

“Things have healed up well and my swelling continues to go down. Everything works very well and, at the risk of sharing TMI, I am able to orgasm. Unexpectedly, the prostate still seems to be pumping fluids when this happens; all very strange but somehow miraculous.  I am also losing a lot of muscle and am getting fat on my hips, tummy and more on my breasts even though I have been on hormones for years. I have read that the feminizing effects of estrogen can be significantly greater when not opposed by testosterone. This seems to be what is happening and it is a welcome and, again, an unexpected bonus.  So, all in all, things couldn’t be better and I definitely feel healthier and more in balance. Thanks again for all of your professionalism and, most of all, getting me in so quickly. My wife and I would probably be in the loony bin by now if I was still on the wait list for next year. I can now get on with my life and I thank you, Marci and the whole team for that incredible opportunity. -RM July 2013

“When I learned that Dr. Bowers had moved her practice to the S F Bay Area, I was very pleased. Well Dr. Bowers was absolutely wonderful.   Also Robin and everyone else in Dr. Bowers office was very helpful in the planning of the surgery.   During the recovery period any questions or concerns I had were dealt with in a timely manner with the hospital staff and Dr. Bowers and Robin.  I contacted Dr. Bowers office many times during my recovery period and Robin was extremely helpful along with Dr. Bowers whom I had sent pictures of my surgical area for her to see how my recovery was progressing.  Dr. Bowers was able to create lots of depth and width to my vaginal area which was and is very pleasing to me. I am so grateful to Dr Bowers for helping me to become the complete woman who I have wanted to be for so long.  It’s like a dream come true. Sometimes I feel like I’m going to wake up and it all was a wonderful dream.  If I had it do to do all over again, I would choose Dr. Bowers, and I very much recommend Dr. Bowers to anyone who is a candidate for GRS surgery.” — J.C. (July 2012)

I am doing super! The trip home went well. Everything has held up and you can hardly tell I had surgery. I miss San Mateo a lot. I had a wonderful time and made friends.  Meeting Marci and all the medical staff and doctors was super. I am so happy I did my surgery here. Thank you for everything!” — M.K. (Sept 2011)

“I had my first pelvic exam. My GYN has seen many MtF post-op vaginas including a couple of Dr Bowers’. He said that my vagina was the best he has seen yet, there was no granulation tissue, he was amazed at how well the healing had progressed and told me to go out and have fun. Of course, I will be mindful when having fun and will keep dilating. Please give Dr Bowers my news and gratitude when possible and thank you Janet and everyone involved for your help and support!” — A.D. (July 2011)

“This is just a note to all involved in my 03/15/2011 surgery to say thank you — from the wonderful job Dr. Bowers did and all the hospital staff that were involved, to Robin and the staff in Colorado that helped make everything possible. This also extends to Artis and the staff at the Residence Inn in San Mateo – what a great place to stay. All these factors combined made for an experience that was just perfect; it’s a memory I will always have. It’s kinda funny how our journeys in life take us all in different directions; mine will take me to the final chapter of my life. You have all helped me with that and you have no idea how much I appreciate that, you are all very special people.” — S.J. (March 2011)

“Everything is going wonderfully since surgery. My body is completely healed (as far as I can tell), and most days I don’t even remember that I haven’t always been this way. I’m very happy and I wish I could come back to California and personally thank every person who was involved in this. Dr. Bowers is amazing and you can tell she is truly a compassionate caring person. She saved my life and I hope to be able to thank her again someday.”
— S.B. (January 2011)

“Everyone involved in the pre-op process, the surgery and my post-op follow-ups were absolutely wonderful. I think back on the beginning of my journey and how far it felt I had to go. I honestly never believed I would be able to get this far due to how huge the barriers seemed to be but everyone from Dr. Bower’s, her staff and San Mateo surgical center made everything so easy. Everyone was extremely helpful, pleasant and supportive. At every point that I felt I didn’t understand there was always someone I could ask, Robin and Janet before and after surgery and Dr. Bowers and San Mateo Surgical Center staff once I got to San Mateo. The information I received, both verbal and in writing was thorough and easy to understand. I followed the instructions given and had a quick and easy recovery. I can’t say how much I appreciate the entire experience. There simply aren’t words enough to express how grateful I am for you all making this possible for me. I was very nervous never having met Dr. Bowers previous to my pre-op appointment the afternoon before surgery but that only lasted until she came in and said hello in the waiting room. I was instantly put at ease and felt no apprehension at all after that appointment. She’s an amazing person and a superb surgeon.” — R.S. (June 2011)

“My GYN has seen many MtF post-op vaginas including a couple of Dr Bowers’. He said that my vagina was the best he has seen yet, there was no granulation tissue, he was amazed at how well the healing had progressed and told me to go out and have fun. Of course, I will be mindful when having fun and will keep dilating. Please give Dr Bowers my news and gratitude when possible and thank you, Robin, Janet and everyone involved for your help and support. :)” — A.D. (May 2011)

“I’m three and a half months post surgery and I look amazing! The GRS went smoothly until about 8 days post surgery when I became one of the few to have a complication. A hematoma formed about 9:00pm. I called Robin on her cell number and very soon Dr. Bowers came to examine me and take me to the emergency room where she stayed with me until I was admitted and resting comfortably. The next day she drained it and checked for any other injury. Then, I was right back on track to healing with no more problems. Dr. Bowers and her staff really are right there with you through the entire procedure, including the recovery and they do care about you as a person. I was one of her first few patients that have had surgery in San Mateo since her move there. All of the surgery and hospital staff were awesome; friendly, respectful, professional, helpful and so kind. No one could do a better job than Dr. Bowers and her team.” — M.G. (February 2011)

“From beginning to end, my experiences at San Mateo were simply delightful! Of course, the San Francisco area is very beautiful, and San Mateo is only a short ride from the airport. The staff at Dr. Bowers’ office, Mills Health Center, and the Recovery Place were very professional and kind, and I felt well cared for during my entire stay. This was very important to me, as I came by myself and had to completely rely on them until I was released from the Recovery Place and met up with my family. I was also very impressed with the efforts made to stay on top of potential surgical complications. In fact, I was astounded with the lack of bruising post-surgery. As for Dr. Bowers, all I can say is that she’s an amazingly talented surgeon, who clearly loves her work and cares very deeply about the welfare and outcome of each patient. As I sit here writing this review, 4 weeks post-surgery, I have to say that I’m completely in awe of her work–a truly amazing miracle! In fact, my local doctor, who told me she sees a lot of female patients, said I look perfectly normal and typical. I can think of no greater complement of Dr. Bowers’ work, and I highly recommend her to anyone needing this life-saving procedure!” — L. S. (January 2011)

“I just wanted to update you regarding my adventure in San Mateo. It was indeed the most challenging experience ever. But in a very good way. From Robin, Janet, and especially Dr. Marci Bowers, I will be in forever grateful for everything. Hospital staff was excellent but Pat was the best. She’s one of the afternoon shift registered nurses. Residence Inn Marriott was wonderful the day I showed up. They were very helpful, especially after seeing me in my condition. Again, thanks a lot for everything.”
— G. C. (January 2011)

“My experience in Trinidad was a dream come true that I will never forget. From the moment I met Dr. Bowers at a conference, I knew she was my surgeon. Her compassion alone won me over, while her work spoke for itself. During my stay, her staff, as well as the hospital staff, was wonderful, and treated me like family at all times. Dr. Bowers did a fabulous job on my GRS, and said I was ‘a pleasure to work on’. I awoke from the surgery knowing all was well, and immediately feeling calm and complete, for the first time in my life. I’m amazed at how much this has changed my life. I knew this was going to be huge, but I had no idea how much of an impact it would have on me. I can never thank Dr. Bowers enough for giving me my life back. I’m finally looking forward to the future. Thank you!!”
— Rebecca (April 2009)

“Thank you all so much for all you have done for me. I cannot express my gratitude enough. My recovery was so quick and problem free it has been amazing. What Dr. Bowers has done for me is not just life changing, it is a true miracle. Thank you Carol and every one else who made my time in Trinidad such a wonderful experience. Now how many people can honestly say that their major surgery and recovery was one of the best experiences of their life? I certainly can! Thank all of you for being so terrific.”
— Erin (October 2008)

“I made the rather long journey from the UK to Trinidad in Dec 08. (My results) look very, very natural. Healing is going well (as I write this 4 weeks post op) and I have experienced no complications. I seem to have sensation everywhere…so far so good! The whole experience was made so much better by the whole team who work with Dr Bowers. From Robin and Janet in the office, to all the nursing staff, the nurse practioner (who you see when all that packing comes out), right through to Carol who runs the Morning After House. Everyone was wonderful, attentive, helpful and professional while at the same time being approachable and friendly. Nothing was ever too much trouble. If you are reading this and planning your own GRS then I really and genuinely suggest you consider travelling to Trinidad to have Dr. Bowers perform your surgery. Not only is she a brilliant surgeon but, I personally loved the ‘whole care’ I received. You will only make this journey once; I am so pleased I selected to go with Dr. Bowers.”
— R. S. (December 2008)

“The community of Trinidad, the hospital staff, Carol at the MAH, and indeed Dr. Bowers and her staff were incredibly wonderful, caring, and understanding throughout my entire time there. Smiles and good cheer abounded everywhere. The morning that I was presented with my official letter attesting that I was at long last complete, a physical woman, I had my one major meltdown of the entire trip. When the nurse removed my compression bandages and allowed me to see Dr. Bowers magic, I was in total awe – Michelangelo’s work is certainly no more beautiful than Marci’s, at least in my eyes. My gynecologist remarked ‘she gave all of the right parts, no one would know if you didn’t tell them that you were not born a female’.”
— C (September 2008)

“I highly recommend Dr. Bowers for GRS. She has the experience and knowledge and has helped me achieve a level of comfort with my body that I never had before. Thanks to Dr. Bowers careful and detailed work, I have a fully functioning and sensate vagina that still enables me to orgasm. Not only does Dr. Bowers have years of training and operating experience, she is also someone who is comforting to be around, as are her amazing staff. The staff on Dr. Bowers team are wonderful ladies who care about this amazing transition in your life, their easy to talk to and I have and will continue to use them as a resource of information.”
— K (August 2008)

“Everything has healed well, stinting [dilating] is relatively easy and going well. The looks are stupendous — Dr. Bowers, you are a true artist, thank you. Sensation is perfect and the mucous tissue is definitely doing its job. I couldn’t be happier….Bless you for all you do. I think of you all often and keep you in my prayers.”
— Shannon (February 2008)

“I have nothing but praise for Dr. Bowers, her staff, and the staff at MSRH. I have truly been blessed by not only being a patient of Dr. Bowers’, but I feel like I can call all of her staff ‘my friends’. I had some complications but Dr. Bowers and her staff have been right there with me and my gynecologist working to get me healed up … and I am getting there. Thank you for making me complete, ladies!”
— Victoria (January 2008)

“Dr Bowers had met every expectation I had, visited at least daily while in the hospital and her office has maintained a constant communication with me as I recuperate here at home. It’s been five weeks and I am so very very, very happy for everything, especially the fact that Dr Bowers was the architect of my beautiful new self. I also need to give a big shout-out to Robin, Adrianne and Ann, all of whom went “above and beyond” to make my journey such a wonderful experience.”
— Robin (February 2008)

“I cannot express enough my pleasure with the wonderful care provided my Dr. Bowers and her staff, and all of the caring and kind people at the hospital. I researched six different surgeons before choosing Dr. Bowers and feel that I made the best possible decision. The whole experience was as pleasurable as a major surgery could be. The fulfillment of finally achieving a life long goal is overwhelming.”
— Cathryn (November 2007)

“When people ask me what Marci is like, I just tell them that when I met her I felt an instant connection with her, having already taken the same journey I was about to complete. She ‘gets it’. My time in Trinidad was special and is something I will remember and treasure all my life. Everyone I met was so friendly, and the hospital staff were quite simply excellent. And of course the surgery itself. Words cannot express what this feels like, to finally see the right body looking back at you in the mirror. I shake my head in wonder at how this is even possible for surgeons to be able to do this. To not only do this, but to make it look and feel so natural, Marci is more than a surgeon, she’s an artist. To all in Trinidad. Thank you so much, from the bottom of my heart”
— Lori (August 2007)

“There really isn’t enough I can say about the wonderful staff of Mt San Rafael hospital. Everyone was extremely helpful and friendly and worked to make my stay with them enjoyable. My highest praise however, must go to Dr. Bowers and her staff. They went so much above and beyond what was required, that it truly demonstrated their compassion and concern for me. When I returned home and needed some questions answered I contacted her staff. Dr. Bowers was in another state, but her staff contacted her and she made a point of calling me and answering all my questions. She later followed up with another call to see if everything was OK. She is by far the most caring doctor I have ever had the pleasure to know. My only regret is that I don’t live closer to Trinidad, so that I could visit with Marci and staff more often. By the way, I recently had my first GYN appointment, and the doctor said my surgeon did ‘beautiful’ work. Thank you so much Marci, you gave me a new life that I will always be thankful for. God bless you!!!!”
— Lynne (May 2007)

“My experience in Trinidad was beyond surreal. Everyone (literally — every. single. person.) was so incredibly nice and helpful and caring. From Dr. Bowers to Robin to the MSRH staff to every employee at every store or restaurant in town, I have nothing but the fondest of memories. And honestly, I have never before had a surgical experience that left me a little sad to see it end. Seriously. As far as the nuts and bolts (or lack thereof *rimshot*) are concerned, at the moment of this writing, I am 3 1/2 weeks post-op and I already feel fantastic and healing is progressing remarkably quickly. Because of all this, I highly recommend Dr. Bowers to anyone who needs her expertise.”
— Audrey (April 2007)

“I’ve already passed along a BIG ‘thank you’ to Dr. Bowers for the fact that everything works. That is something I didn’t dare hope for, but I’m surely grateful! Dr. Bowers does marvelous work and should be commended.”
— Alyson (April 2006)


Post-operative patients of Dr. Bowers who would like to provide a short comment for this page or link to their personal sites, please feel free to email Robin.

(The dates in parenthesis express the surgery date)