Upcoming Conferences and Speaking Engagements

Gender Odyssey

August 24-27th, 2017 (Lectures TBA)

Philadelphia Trans Health Conference – Philadelphia, PA

September 7-9th, 2017 (Lectures TBA)

Esprit Conference – Port Angeles, Washington

May 14-21, 2017 (Lectures TBA)

American Society of Andrology Lecture – Miami, FL

April 22-25th, 2017 (Diversity Lecture)

Keystone Conference – Harrisburg, PA

March 24th, 2017 (MTF and FTM lectures)

NYC LGBT Center Lecture Series – New York, NY

March 21-23rd, 2017 (Lectures TBA)

University of Edmonton – Alberta, Canada

March 11th, 2017 (“Transgender Normal in Biodiversity” Lecture)

UCSF- San Francisco, CA

March 3rd, 2017 (Lecture on Transgender Surgery)

USPATH – Los Angeles, CA

Feb 2-5th, 2017 (Lecture on: “Definitive vaginoplasty: can consensus be reached?”)