"An End to FGM in Our Lifetime" Keynote address from Dr. Marci Bowers at the Walk to end FGM in Washington DC on Oct. 31

An End to FGM in Our LifetimeI am incredibly honored to be here as your speaker today. When I say honored, I do so sincerely because I am an outsider, an onlooker, a woman of privilege, a surgeon, an activist, a western educated caucasion woman. And yet you have invited me and I am truly humbled. I uniquely value my own womanhood---because it also came with struggle, if you know anything about my…
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Hope on the International Day of Zero Tolerance for FGM

My Thoughts on FGM From a western upbringing, it is easy to pass judgment on the seemingly inhumane practice of Genital cutting, otherwise known as Female Genital Mutilation (FGM). The notion of excising the genitalia of young women seems, at first blush, to be cruel by any standard of decency. That a trusted family member would allow and encourage their young daughter to undergo ritualistic…
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Marci, Yael and Lamane

Visit to Burkina Faso

Dr. Bowers  returned recently from Burkina Faso after completing a mission to help restore clitoral function in African  FGM victims. Patients came from as far as Kenya, Senegal, and Sierra Leone to have the surgical procedure completed. Clitoraid, the sponsoring NGO (Non-Government Organization) was to have opened its Hospital Kamkaso in Burkina Faso on March 2, with Dr. Bowers…
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Dr.Bowers restores clitoris for 4 victims of female genital mutilation

On November 29, 2013 Dr. Marci Bowers restored the clitoris of four victims at the San Mateo Surgery Center in California. One of the women came all the way from West Africa to have the surgery. Dr. Bowers donates her time as head surgeon for Clitoraid, a non-profit organization dedicated to helping victims of the brutal tradition of female genital mutilation (FGM). The restoration (of…
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Our Medical Center: Mills-Peninsula Hospital

Dr. Bowers performs her major surgeries now at the new Mills-Peninsula Hospital in Burlingame, California. Opened in May 2011, the interior of the 241-bed facility was designed by Anderson Brulé Architects. In collaboration with its physician membership, Mills-Peninsula worked with doctors and hospital staff to create a calming and welcoming environment for patients and families. Always…
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Pap Test Q&A

Frequently Asked Questions about the IUD

  What is an IUD?An IUD is an acronym which means “IntraUterine Device”. Modern IUDs are small, flexible and are shaped like a “T”. They are mostly used to prevent pregnancies. What types of IUDs  are available? Which one should I choose?Our practice offers two types of IUDs. The first one is  the levonorgestrel intrauterine system […]

Marci’s Kitchen

Vegetarian recipes from Dr. Bowers’ kitchen   Mexican Lasagna 5 inch deep x 7.5 inch casserole dish 1 cup each Sharp Cheddar and Monterrey Jack Cheese 1 jars salsa (green or red) 1 can refried beans Black olives, one can be chopped Corn tortillas 1 yellow onion 1 ear corn (or canned corn), roasted in […]

Pap Test Q&A

Frequently asked questions (and answers!) regarding the Pap smear. What is a pap test? A pap test involves collecting cells from the cervix using a small brush. The cells are examined to look for abnormalities that are possible precursors of  cervical cancer. Using the same specimen, it is also possible to screen for the HPV virus, […]

Marci’s Bookshelf

Not a comprehensive list — rather, these are  books that Dr. Bowers has read or recommends without reservation. More to follow soon. Stay tuned! Julie Peters: Luna A National Book Award Finalist chronicaling the gender transition of a young high school MTF as told by his younger adolescent sister. Nicely told with humor, wit and compassion […]

Pregnancy and Your Vegetarian Lifestyle

Pregnant Vegetarian

Dr. Bowers was recently quoted in an article by Jacqueline Bodnar titled Pregnancy and Your Vegetarian Lifestyle, posted on SheKnows Ms. Bodnar was generous enough to share her July 2004 interview with us: JB: Is it healthy to follow a vegetarian diet during pregnancy (for mother and baby)? Any special precautions to take? Dr. Bowers: Absolutely. The […]